Stories of The Eye


These days the line between celebrity worship and stalking is about as blurry as the morning after the night (mostly spent ear-wigging in the Ladies’ loos at Bungalow 8) before. It’s nothing to be proud of, and sometimes we don’t even particularly like the celebrities that fascinate us, but it seems that most of us have a little bit of the celeb stalker in us. Come on, admit it – you’re following Peaches Geldof on Twitter, aren’t you?

Well now VICE have taken a fresh step in satisfying our celeb crushing curiosity by teaming up with Olympus to give four famous and fashionable females a camera – with the request that they document their every move for our unhealthily enthusiastic perusal. The project is called Stories of The Eye and it’s also a competition for us common folk, too.


^ First up is Alice Dellal (Who must be famous for more than being rich and modelling with half a head of hair, surely? Oh yes, there’s this too) who is uploading her photographs under the nihilistic theme of  ‘eyeDOWHATIWANT’. Lot’s of pics of  parties and glamorous goofing around to be seen there then, we imagine.


^ Next is the lovely Love Foxxx, from Brazilian electro band CSS. As the band tour around the world Love Foxxx will be uploading her photos under the theme ‘eyeTRAVEL’.


^ Byron fan Miquita Oliver stands in for usual VICE favourite Alexa Chung to upload London themed photographs under the …erm… ‘eyeLONDON’ theme.


^ And lastly, rock sprog Daisy Lowe gives us her take on all things stylish in her theme of  ‘eyeSTYLE’ (although at the moment a good portion of her snaps are solely of her boyf. Will Cameron)

So there you have it! The site promises fresh images every day so that we may keep on salivating stalker-ishly on a daily basis. The competition element comes in when you, dear pleb, upload your own photographs to a category of your choice (although it sucks if you have no money to eyeTRAVEL or you don’t live in eyeLONDON) and have the honour of being judged on your photographic skills by a celebrity! Woopdeedoo! Oh, and you might win a camera….Best get snapping then, eh?


2 responses to “Stories of The Eye

  1. eye think thats rather amusing.

  2. Eye think YOU are rather amusing, Dearbhaile!

    Have you been keeping up with Stories of The Eye, out of interest? Ms Daisy Lowe’s are very telling; there’s one of a bunch of semi-precious stones in a Chanel handbag “Cause I’m spiritual, yeah, but I’m still stinking rich.”

    LoveFoxxx’s are great though…

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