ASOS Boyfriend Blazer Special


Our friends over at ASOS have picked out our Duke & Duchess Ellie Blazer as part of their Boyfriend Blazer Trend Report. Clever old ASOS have named the Boyfriend Blazer as ‘the cover-up du jour’ for tricky transitional dressing, something that has baffled us just lately. They also advise that we ‘roll up those sleeves for nonchalant cool’, which is something that Ellie, with it’s pretty floral contrasting lining, does beautifully. And, of course, that lining means Ellie looks lovely teamed with the matching Duke & Duchess dress!


2 responses to “ASOS Boyfriend Blazer Special

  1. I’m an absolute sucker for lining (so sweet)! what you trying to do bankrupt me!

  2. Sorry Clare! *^_^* I know it’s still a while ’til pay-day!

    Glad you like it all the same, and we’ve got plenty more blazers coming along soon with all different sorts of linings for A/W.

    We’ll put everything up on the blog as soon as we have pics….Whoops, there we go again with our bankrupting ways! Sorry! x

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