Rave review

We just discovered this amazing review of Mags & Pye Boutique online today from a customer named Katy, and we’re thrilled people like our little treasure  shop!

“This shop has some of the liveliest and most hilarious staff i have ever come across.  To the best of my knowledge it is owned by black British designer Wale Adayemi and has some very cool pieces in store.

I went in yesterday and jiggled around to Dizzie Rascal whilst waiting for a girl trying on a gorgeous pair of Vivienne Westwood style platforms to take them off and leave them for me.  She didn’t, possibly because when she came out of the fitting room, the shop assistant shouted “YEEEEEAHHH BAYBAY!!!” and danced her around the tiny shop.

The clothes are a bit loud for me, but there are some more understated pieces too.  The pricing is very reasonable and it’s worth going in just for entertainment factor.  I wasn’t surprised to hear that the people who run the shop also put on parties and I will certainly be in attendance at the next one.”

Source: http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/mags-and-pye-london#hrid:XPeREvPrhmDXM4nUxrn18w


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